I had a long day when i did those drawings , i draw mostly when i feel like i need to if you know what i mean . When i feel good or when i feel down , i know drawing will take me to a certain place ... in my comfort zone ... i can fly ... swim ... climb a mountain... go to space ... meet a polar bear ...

    As you can tell i adore cats , i'm crazy about them .... by the way my english is a bit poor , and i like to say ( them , he , she ) to refer to the cats . While people i know say( it) , i feel like it's wrong ... i do not know the correct way to say it , but they have souls you know ... anyway .. i had a cat and he went out once and never come back , which literally broke my heart . Oh well .. here are my drawings all about cats.

    It took me 5 hours or so to finish the three of them ...

    I used HB . 2B . 5B . 6B pencils ... hope you like it ^^





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