• first steps

    first steps Hello everyone ,

    I'm Fatima Zohra . Self taught artist , i like drawing and painting so much yes . And i thought i could share my art works with you .

    I'm 20 years old , from Algeria

    I like reading also , animals , and for that i wanna make my blog based on what i like , and what i want to do , well simply i have a lot of ideas  that i would like to share with you .

    So welcome to my blog . And i hope you will enjoy it .

    Have a nice day you all .cool


  • Commentaires

    Karim otmane
    Mardi 9 Août 2016 à 22:43
    Khotwa mli7a . Continue comme ça. Ya3tik saha w rabi y3awnek (y)
      • Mercredi 10 Août 2016 à 15:11

        mrc wlh rabi ya7fdek biggrin

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